Sunday, 4 May 2014

Schoolovision 2014 - wrap up of all entries


Michael said...

Watching this makes me immensely proud, once again, to be a part of this fantastic group of teachers, and children.

Well done to Steffen for his work in putting this wrap-up together, and to all the SV partners who have given so much of their time, along with their teams, this year, and over the past few years, to this unique and beautiful eTwinning project.

Many thanks to you all!

Michael ;-)

Carla Vieira Sampaio da Silva said...

Wow steffen I just loved this wrap-up!
This project like Michael said make me feel so proud too, to be part of this great, enthusiastic and wonderful Team.
I think that all Schoolovisioners have already win a trophy!
We are unique!
So many children and teachers and their teams collaborating...our eTwinning project is a masterpiece!

Marek Fularz said...

The question is, where and when the 2nd SV conference will take place. :)

Sue Cusack said...

Wonderful work Steffan. It looks so good seeing everybody's work all together. I am looking forward to sharing them with the children this week.
Thank you

Rosa Delia DPS_teacher said...

Thank you Steffen for this great video and for the time you spent doing it.

We agree with all of you, we're really proud to belong to this amazing Project. We love learning about your countries, your music, your schools and everything you show us in your incredible videos.

Thank you for inviting us!
Best wishes from Canary Islands, Spain.

Maria Antoinette Magro said...

Dear Friends, there isn't much to add to the above comments. Fantastic Wrap-up video...we sure all are proud of!
Another thanks to Michael for creating this fantastic project in the first place….otherwise we wouldn’t be here as Schoolovisioners!

Dave Schrauwen said...

Hi all,

Thank you Steffen, for all your efforts to create this exceptional masterpiece video!

The only thing I missed was a repeated Steffen-cameo! :)

Good luck to all!

Greetings from Belgium


Mill Maymon said...

This video itself is a masterpiece and a wonderful work and efforts of Steffen and all of you -SV team. I am proud to be a part of the project and I am thankful for the opportunity to see your work and learn your country, school and tradition.Greetings Steffen!!!

Harry from Scotland said...

This is a great combination of all the songs and videos.

Holly and Nicole from Scotland said...

Well done everyone!

össke said...

Congratulations Steffen , Dave and all teachers who did his/her best for Schoolvision . They are really fantastic ! Loves from your partner from ECR , Ozge Nalbantoglu

Mali from Israel said...

I believe that children are our future, teach them well and let them lead the way (By Linda Creed)
The Schoolovision project gave children from all over Europe the chance to lead the way and sure they did.
Each country and each group of kids in a very unique way.
On May 9th the most popular song will be announce.
But the real winners are our children, the teachers and schoolovision Dream team that makes it happened.
The beautiful videos production will be long lasting.
It is a great honor to be part of schoolovision project.
Thank you for given our children the opportunity to shine, perform and have fun.
Good Luck.

Ilze said...

Hey friends!

Greetings from Latvia! Congratulations to all of you! It is very nice project. I like to watch all video. It is great work. Good luck in future!