Saturday, 3 May 2014

Israel - "The other is me"

At first there was nothing, all was dark and boring, everyone was sad, and the discipline spreads the sorrow all around. A colorful joyful child has arrived, and drew everything and everyone, the people, the classroom and the atmosphere with happiness and love

Once I met a different mate,
my heart told me, we are the same.
Maybe he looks unique, or even bizarre ,
and we are not from the same home town.
I realized how nice he is,
and learnt a lesson, a precious mean:
One speaks words, other
uses the sign language
This other is me, I am the other, we all different but have so much of the other
We got many gifts from mother Earth,
while others lack the prosperity that we have.
We cannot take them as granted, we have to
Cherish and value every minute every day.
This other is me, I am the other, we all different but have so much of the other
Some children see the beauty of our world,
others just feel the colors or imagine the sounds.
So thank the good and even the less.
And accept warmly the other mate.

According to our tradition, you should discover your inner beauty . A candle might light
 thousands of candles, and never loses a bit, so our beauty, happiness and qualities we should share with others
We are all different in some way, unique or even bizarre, but our character or even one thing we good at, is our strength and a spark to be proud at. 
Happiness and joy, friendship without any criticism is the way to enrich all of us.
No matter which nationality or religious, we are being defined by, we are all equal, we are all the same
We all have to accept each other and avoid isolation or alienation of others.

The song, lyrics and melody had  been written and composed by two sisters, Maya and Osher Nachom,  7 and 10 years old, whose beloved grandmother got a stroke which effects her ability to speak or express herself properly, but still the world is beautiful, cheerful and full of friends who want to comfort and support.



Steffen said...

What a nice and happy entry!
There's so much to see and enjoy in your video. Thank you for letting us see so many different school activities! The choreography and the video are brilliant.
I dare predict a top 10 rating.
Well done!

Michael said...

Steffen is right, the video is quite superb. It was always going to be interesting for me to see how last year's champs followed their 2013 entry.
What can be said? The children sing beautifully, there is an amazing range of activities shown from your school- I did enjoy seeing the dancers outside while the cars drive by in the city behind- and there are some outstanding musical skills displayed.


Maria Antoinette Magro said...

Beautiful song with a marvelllous message! Good luck from Malta.

verginiavr said...

Wonderful song again, Israel! Good luck! We like your song very much!

Darko Herbai said...

Good luck! Nice song!

Enseignante,Corina CIOBANU said...

Good-luck! Lovely song.

Anonymous said...

!!!!!!בהצלחה רבה

Rosa Delia DPS_teacher said...

Hello dear friends from Israel,

Brilliant video! First of all, for the message you want to transmit. Tt brought tears to my eyes to read about who wrote the lyrics and the reason.

The special effects are also very nice. And the voices and the dance are excellent. Congratulations.

Good luck from Canary Islands, Spain.

Dave Schrauwen said...

Hi Israel,

After last years fully deserved victory, you come with a new very high quality song and video!

I like this song very much. The melody and the singing are excellent, and the message is one that everyone should know!

It's very nice to see how life looks like when living in Israel. It's much more colourful than I had expected!

Definitely one of my favorites!

Kind regards,

Dave from Belgium

Ingrid Maadvere said...

You are beautiful: inside and outside. I love the melody of your song.

Good luck from Estonia:)

Marek Fularz said...

I am you, you are me. Shalom from Poland!

Inbar said...

Great song and amazing performance! The words are so universal

Anita said...

Wonderful song! Well done ha kulam!
Amazing two talented girls!

Mrs Povhe said...

A very professional video, great singing. Loved it a lot.
I think you might win again this year.
All the best from Slovenia.

Anonymous said...

It is amazing to see that young girls understand and express the main idea that adults and leaders around the world still don't. Well done and good luck to all countries.

Unknown said...

its a good video

Julie from Belguim said...

i like it!!! good luck

Merthe from Belguim said...

Its very good song .I LIKE IT!

julia from belgium said...

Great song and amazing video .

lisa from belgium said...

it's a nice video and a nice song

jasmine from scotland said...

very good keep up the good work

Daniel Geroge Murray said...

What a fantastic video Israel. Well Done?

rosa basque country said...

A very alive song! Good job Israel.
Good luck from the Basque Country.

Meirav from Israel said...

הקליפ מאוד יפה - גוב ארי דניאל
אני אוהבת את הקליפ שלנו יהל הרשטופר
הלוואי ויראו אותי בקליפ-שי קנטור
אהבתי מאוד מאוד -דניאל הרטל
הייתי רוצה להיות בקליפ בשנה הבאה-מאיה זיו
אמהכל הכבוד על הקלים-קירשנר

Anonymous said...

Proud to have my daughter attending such a school!

Ursula + Maria said...

We like your song and it´s message!
Good luck from Austria

Unknown said...

Well done ! Great honor for Israel! Its a great business card for Israel - to send to the world so everyone will see the high values & education we give to all the children in Israel, that we accept all kinds of differences & enlarge every child's benifits! Great work of the school's team - Children, teachers & managment! Proud of u !!

Anonymous said...

ילדים יקרים
מאוד נהניתי לעבוד אתכם ולראות איך אתם השקעתם והגעתם למה שהגעתם.
הקליפ שלכם היה מקורי ומיוחד ושיקף את שיתוף הפעולה ואת קבלת השונה בבית סיפרנו. המיוחד בקליפ שהוא מקורי והוכן על ידי תלמידי בית הספר ואנ מאוד גאה בכם.


Anonymous said...

I like the singing and dancing .
I really loved it.

Anonymous said...

Great song, music video and choreography. Congratulations!

Anonymous said...

I liked the idea of playing in a soccer ball :D