Monday, 16 June 2014

Winners with their trophies

Pictured above are the lead singers from the winning team in Brno, Czech Republic, with their 2014 winners' trophy.
Meanwhile, below, all the pupils from Ceip Valsequillo school in Gran Canaria gather to celebrate, with some of the singers from the Spanish team, holding their 2nd place trophy.

And below here, you can see pupils from the 3rd placed school in Israel, with their trophy too.
Congratulations again to the top 3 schools, as well as everyone else for helping to ensure Schoolovision 2014 was another successful edition of our wonderful project!

Friday, 16 May 2014

special categories

Once again we conducted the special category voting with the help of our international jury of teachers. Below you can see this year's categories and the winning entries.
A big THANK YOU to all who participated in the voting!
Congratulations to our winners!

position country votes
1 France 10
2 Bulgaria 6

position country votes
1 Israel 7
2 Portugal 5
3 Spain 4

position country votes
1 Germany 11
2= Austria 3
2= Israel 3

position country votes
1 Germany 11
2 Malta 3
3= England 1
3= Israel 1
3= Italy 1
3= Lithuania 1
3= Slovenia 1

position country votes
1 Scotland 8
2 Poland 6
3 Malta 2

position country votes
1= England 6
1= Spain 6
3 Malta 5

position country votes
1 Poland 11
2 Belgium 5
3 Portugal 2

position country votes
1 Belgium 13
2 Slovenia 3

position country votes
1 Germany 10
2 Poland 6
3 Spain 1

position country votes
1 Scotland 11
2= Croatia 3
2= Lithuania 3

Friday, 9 May 2014

list of results

All the scores of the Schoolovision 2014 contest, including links to the original entries.

position   country    points
1 Czech Republic 247
2 Spain 162
3 Israel 133
4 Belgium 118
5 Portugal 111
6 Iceland 96
7 Norway 85
8 Poland 83
9 Estonia 76
10 Switzerland 73
11 Austria 66
12= France 59
12= Germany 59
14 Scotland 56
15 Malta 50
16 Slovenia 44
17 Basque Country 34
18 Hungary 31
19 Lithuania 20
20 Georgia 19
21 Greece 13
22 Luxembourg 12
23= Finland 10
23= Wales 10
25 England 8
26 Italy 4
27 Romania 3
28= Bulgaria 0
28= Croatia 0
28= Slovakia 0

Breaking News!

Today we had our live vote, which you will be able to view here a little later on, along with a full table of results...
BUT... congratulations to the team from Brno in the Czech Republic, who have won this year's contest with a magnificent total of 247 points!

The live vote can be viewed here. If you only wish to view the summing up, with the totals, click on 1:03:05.

Sunday, 4 May 2014

Schoolovision 2014 - wrap up of all entries

Saturday, 3 May 2014

Israel - "The other is me"

At first there was nothing, all was dark and boring, everyone was sad, and the discipline spreads the sorrow all around. A colorful joyful child has arrived, and drew everything and everyone, the people, the classroom and the atmosphere with happiness and love

Once I met a different mate,
my heart told me, we are the same.
Maybe he looks unique, or even bizarre ,
and we are not from the same home town.
I realized how nice he is,
and learnt a lesson, a precious mean:
One speaks words, other
uses the sign language
This other is me, I am the other, we all different but have so much of the other
We got many gifts from mother Earth,
while others lack the prosperity that we have.
We cannot take them as granted, we have to
Cherish and value every minute every day.
This other is me, I am the other, we all different but have so much of the other
Some children see the beauty of our world,
others just feel the colors or imagine the sounds.
So thank the good and even the less.
And accept warmly the other mate.

According to our tradition, you should discover your inner beauty . A candle might light
 thousands of candles, and never loses a bit, so our beauty, happiness and qualities we should share with others
We are all different in some way, unique or even bizarre, but our character or even one thing we good at, is our strength and a spark to be proud at. 
Happiness and joy, friendship without any criticism is the way to enrich all of us.
No matter which nationality or religious, we are being defined by, we are all equal, we are all the same
We all have to accept each other and avoid isolation or alienation of others.

The song, lyrics and melody had  been written and composed by two sisters, Maya and Osher Nachom,  7 and 10 years old, whose beloved grandmother got a stroke which effects her ability to speak or express herself properly, but still the world is beautiful, cheerful and full of friends who want to comfort and support.


Friday, 2 May 2014

Wales - "Calon Lan"

The Schoolovision entry from Wales this year is Calon Lan.

Schoolovision Wales 2014 from Llangewydd Juniors on Vimeo.

It's a traditional song about wishing for a pure heart and used to encourage support for our national rugby team this year.


England - "Just Look (The Time of Our Beginning)"

Czech Republic - "Karneval"

Can you imagine that Brno is a centre of carnivals? Husova Primary School do so!
Enjoy our song full of energy and joy, enjoy our children´s pictures and have a look how beautiful our city is. Come with us!

Belgium - "Alors on danse"

Hi all of you music-lovers,

This year the Belgian Schoolovision-entry has risen to the next level!

Not only did we sing the vocals in French (Our students speak Dutch at their homes and have been studying French at school for almost 2 years now.), we made our own version of a well known song and we played our song on percussion instruments as well!

This song is much more than just a cover.  Above all it is a tribute to one of Europe’s finest rising stars and to the Belgian Red Devils as the original performer of our song is the maker of the official Belgian Brazil-2014-hymne and we all want Vincent Kompany and his friends to bring home the World Cup on July 13th.

We hope you enjoy our song!  

Be our guest, turn up the volume and do sing and danse along with us!

We want to thank Stromae for allowing us to cover his amazing song and Door Raeymaekers for helping us with the music!

We would like it very much if you would leave us a comment!

Good luck to all in this contest!

Kind Belgian regards,

The Qworzó-kids

Germany - "a totally normal day"

Bulgaria - "Young in love"

Hello dear schoolovision friends,
We have chosen again a folk Bulgarian song about young people in love who are having fun. My colleague - the music teacher Valentina Nikolova helped for the song! Students from 5th grade are singing, students from 3rd grade are dancing!
I hope you will have fun with our song! Enjoy our song!

Romania - "Girl from the country"

 Our video, this year, envisages the turmoil of a girl from country who is used to work and make a lot of things , but thinking of the times when she will go to the city where she will have new colleagues, with fancy clothes and she will be proud of her work, beauty and talent. With this song we also tried to pay attention of something special: yodelling. Hope you'll like it! And GOOD-LUCK everyone!

Thursday, 1 May 2014

Greece - "Milo mou kokkino" (My red apple)

....and here we are! This year Greece sings an old traditional song. 
It is the story of a young man that tries to speak to his girlfriend,
but she doesn't want to!
Is there a happy end? Let's see....

Iceland - "Eftir eitt lag"

Hi everyone, we are happy to take part in Schoolovision once again. We are always waiting for this event in the spring. This is now a special part of our schedule in our schoolwork for many years. But here's our song namedAfter one song”. Song contest (Flatóvision) was held in our school last February and seven songs were performed in order to choose the song that would be the Icelandic contribution in Schoolovision 2014.

This song deals with friendship, as friends find it difficult to separate to go home. They want to stay longer together and chat and that's why they always postpone departing for one more song.

Nine year-old kids in our school won the contest this time and the video was taken when they went skiing in Bláfjöll and when they went bowling in Öskjuhlíð. The spherical structure (Perlan) you see in the video is a restaurant built on top of the hot water supply tanks and from there you can see the whole city (Reykjavík).
Hope you enjoy our melody and our video? Here is the text in Icelandic so you can read and hear how it sounds.

Estonia - "Colourful dreams"

This is our fifth Schoolovision song and I am very proud that this video was created by Karlos (13 years old) who was a singer in 2009 and 2011. The song is about colourful dreams. Dreams give wings to our thoughts.
Enjoy our song:)

Ingrid from Estonia

Portugal - "Está dentro de Ti"

Hello to all Schoolovisioners!
You can listen to our song and take a glance at our beautiful landscape.
We hope you like it!
Remember: It's within you...

Hugs from all of us in Arraiolos, Portugal

Spain - "No importa que llueva"

Hello dear friends,

    This year our pupils have decided to sing a beautiful song called “No importa que llueva”by a famous pop-rock band from the Canary Islands: “Efecto Pasillo”.
                We have changed some parts of the lyrics to transmit you some of the values we work at our school: solidarity, peace, cooperation, ecology , positive and respectful attitude towards each other, … and also hoping and dreaming for a better world.
                Our 287 pupils have participated in this video with great enthusiasm because we believe that: “It doesn’t matter if it rains if I’m close to you”
Love from Canary Islands, Spain.


Italy - "Ciao Mamma"

Ciao from Italy, here comes our entry.   "Ciao mamma"  talks about the joy that music can give to you and the joy to sing all together. We hope you like it . Good luck to everyone
Ciao Mamma_Schoolovision 2014 from Bagheria III Circolo on Vimeo.

Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Georgia - "Let the sun rise for a better day"

Hello dear friends!

This year our 4th graders are singing a song  “მზეო გაგვითენე ბედნიერი დღე“ . They sing and wish everybody happiness and prosperous future. 

We hope that you will like and enjoy watching it.All the best from Batumi, Georgia !!!Good luck to everyone!


Basque Country - "Urdanetako Jaietan"


Hello from the Basque Country, Spain.
This year we have composed our own song. It talks about our school's festival. You can see many of the activities that go on during those days.
The second video is just with the lyrics. You can sing with us!  

>Good luck to everyone in the project!

Scotland - "Ca' the Yowes"

Here comes the entry from Scotland. A change in direction this year, with one girl singer, and the rest of the class supporting on guitars.
The song is a very old love song, written by the famous Scots poet, Robert Burns.
Hope you like it...

Hungary - "Seven Color Flower"

Hello, we send our first little film from Budapest, Hungary.
The song was written and composed by our music teacher:

"You, Seven-Colour Flower, 
Please take a miracle to every child:
Let them see the Dream come through"

Croatia - "Protuletje se otpira"

This year we have a folk song from Međimurje in Croatia.
The name of song is Spring is coming!
Song talks about spring, flowers and love!
 We hope you will enjoy this song.
All the best from Virje, Croatia!

Protuletje se otpira from dherbai on Vimeo.

Finland - "Oi Dai"

Happy greetings from Finland! We play and sing “Oi dai”, a traditional Finnish folksong from eastern Finland and the story of the song is telling about happy childhood, dear family and friends.

All the 21 pupils of the class 3A play instruments on this video: KANTELEs (Finnish national instrument), violin, recorder, double bass, xylophones, percussions and the children made the plan for the video and one of the pupils did the filming.

We hope you enjoy the song!

Norway - "Lyden av Høknes"

Hello Schoolovision friends!
The Norwegian contribution is now finished.
We hope you like it - we love it!
Greetings from all of us in Namsos, Norway.

Slovakia - "Folk Band performance"

Hello all European friends,
we are happy to show you a bit of our traditions we sang out.
It is a performance of our folk band VENCEK.

Greetings from SLOVAKIA

Monday, 28 April 2014

Austria - "We only want.."

Hello friends,
nice to meet you all again:)

This year we composed our own song!
Our message to all people is to treat our wonderful earth with respect!
We turned our attention to enjoyable living, peace, climate protection,
and ecology!

Have fun singing with us.
(Choose the subtitle in English or German)

Saturday, 26 April 2014

France - "Ecolosong"

Hello schoolovisioners !

Here is the French entry !

This year, the lyrics were written by our 9/10 years old pupils, the music was created by our music teacher : Frédéric (you will see him at the end of the video), and the song is sung by my 6/7 years old pupils.

It is about ecology and how everyone should feel concerned by protecting our planet.

We hope you will enjoy listening and watching it as much as we enjoyed recording it !

projetschoolovision2014 from valeriecanty on Vimeo.

Here are the lyrics

Ecolo, moi j'suis écolo
La pollution, c'est pas rigolo
Tout le monde entier le sait
Mais personne ne le fait.

A quoi ça sert d'être sur terre
Si on jette nos déchets par terre
Est-ce que quelqu'un nous sauvera
Ca on ne le sait toujours pas , NON!


Il faut surtout pas polluer
C'est très mauvais pour la santé
Il faudra tout le monde entier
Pour ramasser ce qu'on a fait, OUAIS!

Il faudra tout le monde entier
Pour ramasser tous ces déchets
Et qui sait, demain peut-être
Il y aura encore, des traitres, NON !

Poland - "Song of Wooden Puppets"

Hello friends!
Here the Song of wooden puppets performed by our school theatre "Do góry nogami" which means Upside-down.
The question children ask in this song is if wooden puppets can express emotion, can't they?
You can turn on subtitles to see the lyrics.

All the best from Poland :)

Lithuania - "Beans"


The old man felt angry and scolded children because they damaged in the garden: all beens were crushed up.
The old man says "I will catch and lambaste you tomorrow". That man was very old, was bitter about the children and forgot the beans.
The next morning children crawled in the bean garden. The keeper was so scary that there were no any beans.

Friday, 25 April 2014

Switzerland - "Golden Track"

Hello Schoolovision friends!

While living your life you leave tracks behind you. Some hardly visible and others deep and long. They will not stay forever. They fade and go away. So lay some gold in your tracks as often you can. And now enjoy the video!
All the best from Switzerland

Thursday, 24 April 2014

Malta - "Smile"

A miracle happens every time you give a smile away…one smile makes two and it costs nothing but gives much happiness to one’s heart. A smile enriches the receiver without making those who give it poorer. It only takes a moment… a true action of love and its memory can last forever. A smile cannot be bought but it has no value until it is given away.  Some people are too tired to smile, so give them a smile yourself.   Remember, “You’re never fully dressed without a smile…”

Hope you like our video. Enjoy!

Slovenia - "Tik Tak Tok"

Hello, Europe!

This is our video. We're singing the song called TIK TAK TOK sung by a young Slovenian singer called Nina Pušlar. It's about the one thing that preoccupies our lives these days - love. Girls like boys and boys like girls. You know how it is, typical teenage drama.

We had so much fun making this video. We were filming around our school and in our town called Domžale.

Our lead singer is Živa (her name in English means 'alive'), she's twelve years old and she's very good at judo. She'll win an Olympic gold medal one day, you'll see.

This year we did everything all by ourselves.
We hope you like our video.  Enjoy watching.

A big thanks to all the students in my class - you are amazing! 

All the best to the entire Schoolovision team. 

Greetings from Slovenia!

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Luxembourg - "Ökotut"


Hello everybody!
We are happy to be for the second time a litle part of the big Schoolovision family!!!!

Our song is called ÖKOTUT (ecobag)! It's composed by a band from Luxembourg called BENNY AND THE BUGS, they exclusively sing in luxembourgish!
In Luxembourg you don't get plastic bags in shops anymore. So when you go shopping you have to take your own bag: this is our ECOBAG! But unfortunately you forget your ecobag!! So you have to buy a new ecobag or you have to carry your purchases on your arms!!
The message of this song is: Wherever you go - don't forget your ECOBAG! With a smile on your face!! :-))

Hope you enjoy the performance of our school choir.
Salut from Luxembourg!

Sunday, 26 January 2014


Während die Vorbereitungen für Schoolovision 2014 laufen, bewirbt sich die Freie Schule Kassel mit ihrem Beitrag aus dem letzten Jahr um den Medienkompetenzpreis Hessen 2013.

Zum deutschen Beitrag für Schoolovision 2013 geht es per Klick:

Eine PDF-Version unserer Projektbeschreibung für die Bewerbung um den Medienkompetenzpreis Hessen 2013 steht hier zum Download bereit.

Friday, 3 January 2014

2014 Rules

The 2014 Eurovision Song Contest will take place in Copenhagen, Denmark on Saturday May 10th.

Meanwhile, the 2014 Schoolovision Contest will come to its conclusion on Friday 9th May 2014, the day before the real Eurovision.
Join us in this fun-filled project, as we find out who will be crowned 2014 Schoolovision Champions of Europe...
We are now, incredibly, into the 6th year of the Schoolovision adventure, and Steffen and I would like to welcome all members, new and old, to this unique eTwinning project, which guarantees fun for all the participants, students and teachers alike, as we learn a bit about each others' cultures through the medium of music and song. with the added excitement of knowing that this is actually a competition!
Full rules are below; please read them carefully!

Following a similar format to the Eurovision Song Contest, Schoolovision 2014 will once again allow one primary school from all eTwinning countries wishing to participate, to record and upload a song of their choice, to be viewed by all other participants in the project.

In addition, all countries will be asked to evaluate and vote for their favourite songs after they have listened to all the others- and of course, voting for yourself will not be allowed!

You and your class will have until Friday 2nd May to decide upon your song, practise it, video it, and get it uploaded and embedded onto the project blog website, using either YouTube or Vimeo. Once all songs are uploaded, you will need to get your class to watch all the other countries' entries and decide who will receive your votes. This should be done in the week from Friday 2nd May until Thursday 8th May.
On Friday 9th May 2014, you have two choices. You can either join the team for a group webcam conference, starting at 9.00am UK time, where we will announce our votes to each other and total the votes up, so we can establish the winner. Or, if this is not possible, you will be able to watch a recording of the webcam conference afterwards to see who the winners are, or simply view the website, as the results will be posted straight after the webcam conference finishes. In all cases, you will need to email your votes to Michael Purves, the project co-ordinator, by Thursday evening (8th May) at NO LATER than 1700hrs UK TIME. This way, we will be able to successfully total all the votes from all the countries and announce who are Schoolovision champions for 2014. The winning school will be sent a specially commissioned trophy!


1. Only one school from each country will be allowed to enter.

2. Schoolovision is for primary schools only. In addition, the participants (active singers) must be a maximum of 12 years old during the present school year. Their turning 13 in between is acceptable.
3. All previous entrants will already have received a request from me, Michael,  asking you to confirm that you wish to enter the 2014 contest.  The co-ordinator, Michael Purves will then send you an invitation (via eTwinning) to become a partner in the project, followed later by a separate invitation to contribute to the project's blog. You need to sign up for the blog, whereby you will be able to upload your finished song in due course.

In addition, please send Michael a brief description of your school, along with a photograph, that Michael will add to the blog, so that each country can see who is all taking part.

4. By 15th March 2014, you MUST email the title of the song you are proposing to sing with your class to Michael.  The reasons for this are listed below.

5. The song you choose to sing should be one of your choice, hopefully chosen in collaboration with your pupils, and can be sung in any language. It can be a well-known song, or an original song that perhaps no-one else will have heard of- it's up to you!  However, it MUST be connected to your country in some way. *** PLEASE BE AWARE THAT IF THE SONG HAS BEEN COPYRIGHTED, YOU MUST GET PERMISSION BEFORE USING IT. IF YOU NEED TO GET PERMISSION THEN YOU MUST EMAIL A COPY OF THIS PERMISSION (in ENGLISH) TO MICHAEL BEFORE USING IT. Failure to do so by MARCH 15th
will result in your school being disqualified from the 2014 contest.

6. Musical accompaniment is permitted- but only in the following way. Members of your class (your pupils) who wish to play musical instruments can do so, and your song can have adult help who could for example, play a piano or a keyboard to lead the tune of the song. Alternatively, you can use a CD for the tune (but without the original singer's voice) - but your children MUST do the singing!

7. All entries should be completed and uploaded by Friday 2nd May. When your song is ready, you upload the video of your song to the blog, via using either the “upload video” section of the site, or by uploading your video to YouTube, or Vimeo, then copying and pasting the embed code into your blog post. All files MUST be uploaded by Friday 2nd May, as each country will then need to watch all the entries and judge them during the following week- Monday 5th- Thursday 8th May.

8. Once you and your pupils have watched each entry and chosen your favourites, please email your choices to Michael Purves, before 1700hrs UK TIME on THURSDAY 8th MAY , YOU MUST NOT VOTE FOR YOUR OWN ENTRY!

GOOD LUCK to all countries, and enjoy making your entry, and listening to all the other entries!

May the best overall entry win the contest!

*** As I said above, the whole point of Schoolovision is that you try to sing something that relates to your country. If you compose your own song- fantastic! We have had some really outstanding compositions from, eg Finland in both 2010 and 2011 that have been written and produced by the Schoolovision team there. If you choose to sing a song that has already been recorded previously, then it MUST be relevant to your own country. In 2010, we had entries from both Spain and Iceland who sang songs by Abba. This will not be allowed in 2014, as Abba have no connection to Spain or Iceland. If you need guidance, please email Michael to ensure that what you want to do is within the rules.