Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Georgia - "Let the sun rise for a better day"

Hello dear friends!

This year our 4th graders are singing a song  “მზეო გაგვითენე ბედნიერი დღე“ . They sing and wish everybody happiness and prosperous future. 

We hope that you will like and enjoy watching it.All the best from Batumi, Georgia !!!Good luck to everyone!


Basque Country - "Urdanetako Jaietan"


Hello from the Basque Country, Spain.
This year we have composed our own song. It talks about our school's festival. You can see many of the activities that go on during those days.
The second video is just with the lyrics. You can sing with us!  

>Good luck to everyone in the project!

Scotland - "Ca' the Yowes"

Here comes the entry from Scotland. A change in direction this year, with one girl singer, and the rest of the class supporting on guitars.
The song is a very old love song, written by the famous Scots poet, Robert Burns.
Hope you like it...

Hungary - "Seven Color Flower"

Hello, we send our first little film from Budapest, Hungary.
The song was written and composed by our music teacher:

"You, Seven-Colour Flower, 
Please take a miracle to every child:
Let them see the Dream come through"

Croatia - "Protuletje se otpira"

This year we have a folk song from Međimurje in Croatia.
The name of song is Spring is coming!
Song talks about spring, flowers and love!
 We hope you will enjoy this song.
All the best from Virje, Croatia!

Protuletje se otpira from dherbai on Vimeo.

Finland - "Oi Dai"

Happy greetings from Finland! We play and sing “Oi dai”, a traditional Finnish folksong from eastern Finland and the story of the song is telling about happy childhood, dear family and friends.

All the 21 pupils of the class 3A play instruments on this video: KANTELEs (Finnish national instrument), violin, recorder, double bass, xylophones, percussions and the children made the plan for the video and one of the pupils did the filming.

We hope you enjoy the song!

Norway - "Lyden av Høknes"

Hello Schoolovision friends!
The Norwegian contribution is now finished.
We hope you like it - we love it!
Greetings from all of us in Namsos, Norway.

Slovakia - "Folk Band performance"

Hello all European friends,
we are happy to show you a bit of our traditions we sang out.
It is a performance of our folk band VENCEK.

Greetings from SLOVAKIA

Monday, 28 April 2014

Austria - "We only want.."

Hello friends,
nice to meet you all again:)

This year we composed our own song!
Our message to all people is to treat our wonderful earth with respect!
We turned our attention to enjoyable living, peace, climate protection,
and ecology!

Have fun singing with us.
(Choose the subtitle in English or German)

Saturday, 26 April 2014

France - "Ecolosong"

Hello schoolovisioners !

Here is the French entry !

This year, the lyrics were written by our 9/10 years old pupils, the music was created by our music teacher : Frédéric (you will see him at the end of the video), and the song is sung by my 6/7 years old pupils.

It is about ecology and how everyone should feel concerned by protecting our planet.

We hope you will enjoy listening and watching it as much as we enjoyed recording it !

projetschoolovision2014 from valeriecanty on Vimeo.

Here are the lyrics

Ecolo, moi j'suis écolo
La pollution, c'est pas rigolo
Tout le monde entier le sait
Mais personne ne le fait.

A quoi ça sert d'être sur terre
Si on jette nos déchets par terre
Est-ce que quelqu'un nous sauvera
Ca on ne le sait toujours pas , NON!


Il faut surtout pas polluer
C'est très mauvais pour la santé
Il faudra tout le monde entier
Pour ramasser ce qu'on a fait, OUAIS!

Il faudra tout le monde entier
Pour ramasser tous ces déchets
Et qui sait, demain peut-être
Il y aura encore, des traitres, NON !

Poland - "Song of Wooden Puppets"

Hello friends!
Here the Song of wooden puppets performed by our school theatre "Do góry nogami" which means Upside-down.
The question children ask in this song is if wooden puppets can express emotion, can't they?
You can turn on subtitles to see the lyrics.

All the best from Poland :)

Lithuania - "Beans"


The old man felt angry and scolded children because they damaged in the garden: all beens were crushed up.
The old man says "I will catch and lambaste you tomorrow". That man was very old, was bitter about the children and forgot the beans.
The next morning children crawled in the bean garden. The keeper was so scary that there were no any beans.

Friday, 25 April 2014

Switzerland - "Golden Track"

Hello Schoolovision friends!

While living your life you leave tracks behind you. Some hardly visible and others deep and long. They will not stay forever. They fade and go away. So lay some gold in your tracks as often you can. And now enjoy the video!
All the best from Switzerland

Thursday, 24 April 2014

Malta - "Smile"

A miracle happens every time you give a smile away…one smile makes two and it costs nothing but gives much happiness to one’s heart. A smile enriches the receiver without making those who give it poorer. It only takes a moment… a true action of love and its memory can last forever. A smile cannot be bought but it has no value until it is given away.  Some people are too tired to smile, so give them a smile yourself.   Remember, “You’re never fully dressed without a smile…”

Hope you like our video. Enjoy!

Slovenia - "Tik Tak Tok"

Hello, Europe!

This is our video. We're singing the song called TIK TAK TOK sung by a young Slovenian singer called Nina Pušlar. It's about the one thing that preoccupies our lives these days - love. Girls like boys and boys like girls. You know how it is, typical teenage drama.

We had so much fun making this video. We were filming around our school and in our town called Domžale.

Our lead singer is Živa (her name in English means 'alive'), she's twelve years old and she's very good at judo. She'll win an Olympic gold medal one day, you'll see.

This year we did everything all by ourselves.
We hope you like our video.  Enjoy watching.

A big thanks to all the students in my class - you are amazing! 

All the best to the entire Schoolovision team. 

Greetings from Slovenia!

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Luxembourg - "Ökotut"


Hello everybody!
We are happy to be for the second time a litle part of the big Schoolovision family!!!!

Our song is called ÖKOTUT (ecobag)! It's composed by a band from Luxembourg called BENNY AND THE BUGS, they exclusively sing in luxembourgish!
In Luxembourg you don't get plastic bags in shops anymore. So when you go shopping you have to take your own bag: this is our ECOBAG! But unfortunately you forget your ecobag!! So you have to buy a new ecobag or you have to carry your purchases on your arms!!
The message of this song is: Wherever you go - don't forget your ECOBAG! With a smile on your face!! :-))

Hope you enjoy the performance of our school choir.
Salut from Luxembourg!