Friday, 2 May 2014

England - "Just Look (The Time of Our Beginning)"


Anonymous said...

You are so beautiful. Well done children! I like your singing and playing. Learn well!And stay young forever.
Meirav Reich, Israel

Michael said...

Looking into your eyes, I see the future quite clearly! You have sung this very beautifully, and I like it very much.

You guys are the future... make it a great future, please!

Well done and best wishes from Scotland!

Maria Antoinette Magro said...

Sweet and simple, typically English! I love your entry very much. We'll done and good luck from Malta.

Rosa Delia DPS_teacher said...

Hello dear friends from England,

It's so beautiful to hear your nice voices. Good job!

Good luck from Canary Islands, Spain.

Dave Schrauwen said...

Hi England,

These most charming children have sung this beautiful song in an EXCELLENT way! Congratulations!

I love it very much!

Dave from Belgium

Ingrid Maadvere said...

I like your costumes and voices. The video is interesting too.

Good luck from Estonia

Marek Fularz said...

Good luck from Poland :)

Mrs Povhe said...

I'm always looking forward to seeing your video. You children are so amazing.
Best luck from Slovenia.

jolien said...

tis nice vidio

jolien from belgum

Kato from Belgium said...

Nicely done!
Great job to all of you

Anonymous said...

Well done Church Aston Infants! Fantastic performance. Jo from France

Annie said...

Well done Everyone at Church Aston. You have all worked hard with your teachers to sing this super song. I'm so happy you are still taking part in Schoolovision. Friendship and hope is our future. Well done Mrs did it!
Lots of love,
Anne Garner

Ursula + Maria said...

Nice little stars!
Good luck from Austria!!!!