Friday, 2 May 2014

Romania - "Girl from the country"

 Our video, this year, envisages the turmoil of a girl from country who is used to work and make a lot of things , but thinking of the times when she will go to the city where she will have new colleagues, with fancy clothes and she will be proud of her work, beauty and talent. With this song we also tried to pay attention of something special: yodelling. Hope you'll like it! And GOOD-LUCK everyone!


Steffen said...

Wow, I didn't know there was a tradition of yodelling in Romania.
This girl certainly knows how to do it. And she's a great singer too. Well done to her!

valerie canty said...

Yodelling is very difficult, and she does it so well ! Congratulations!

Michael said...

It's great to see something so unusual as yodelling! I guess we have to expect the unexpected in Schoolovision!
Well done to the singer, she has done a great job.
Good luck from Scotland.

Maria Antoinette Magro said...

Lovely singing and great yodelling too, just as the above schoolovisioners have said. Good luck from Malta.

Rosa Delia DPS_teacher said...

Hello dear friends from Romania,
Beautiful song and great singer. We also like the style of yodelling. It's new for us.
Good luck from Canary Islands, Spain.

Dave Schrauwen said...

Hi Romania,

This girl sure knows how to yodel!

I like the nature in your video and it's nice to see a bit of how live is in Romania!

Good luck on the voting!

Kind regards,

Dave from Belgium

Ingrid Maadvere said...

The yodelling is great and the singer is brilliant.

Good luck from Estonia:)

Marek Fularz said...

I didn't know you are yodelling in Romania :) nice.

Meirav from Israel said...

Dear children of Romania
Your tale of the girl is very nice and full of passion for a better future. Nice idea and acting. GREETINGS.

Ursula + Maria said...

Yodelling is typical for Austria too!! We like it!
Good luck for tomorrow!!!!