Friday, 9 May 2014

list of results

All the scores of the Schoolovision 2014 contest, including links to the original entries.

position   country    points
1 Czech Republic 247
2 Spain 162
3 Israel 133
4 Belgium 118
5 Portugal 111
6 Iceland 96
7 Norway 85
8 Poland 83
9 Estonia 76
10 Switzerland 73
11 Austria 66
12= France 59
12= Germany 59
14 Scotland 56
15 Malta 50
16 Slovenia 44
17 Basque Country 34
18 Hungary 31
19 Lithuania 20
20 Georgia 19
21 Greece 13
22 Luxembourg 12
23= Finland 10
23= Wales 10
25 England 8
26 Italy 4
27 Romania 3
28= Bulgaria 0
28= Croatia 0
28= Slovakia 0


Michael said...

Once again, thank you to everyone who took part in the project again this year. In the 30 videos this year, we have a breath-taking selection of the different cultures that exists across Europe, and an equally breath-taking and diverse range of ideas that have created such wonderful entries from everyone, no matter what the final scores are.

Of course, many congratulations from me to the team from Brno in the Czech Republic, for their 3rd win in the 6 years of the contest- what an achievement that is! But, I think we should all recognise the effort that has gone in to each entry, as we realise that the range of resources available to each country differs greatly.

I'm still hugely proud of the whole team, the project, the children in all the countries. You are ALL fantastic! Thanks finally to Steffen for creating this great table of results- brilliant work, as always!

valerie canty said...

Of course we can alla be proud of what we have done, with the resources we had.
Congratulations to the Czech Republic, and above all to all schoolovisionners !

Will there be a vote by category like last year?

Thanks a lot to every people who made this possible !

Steffen Töppler said...

Yes, the category voting will take place again this year. I sent a first announcement about it two or three weeks ago. If you see any new possible category in this year's entries, do let me know. I'll (hopefully) be in touch about the category voting over the weekend.

Enseignante,Corina CIOBANU said...

I don't know exactly what's about 'cause last year I couldn't participate. Could you explain? Thanks!

Mrs Povhe said...

Michael and Steffen, thank you both for all your work you've done so far. We cannot be grateful enough.
Again, it's been an amazing year.

Congratualtions to the Czech Republic! You're the best.

And congratulations to the rest of the Schoolovision team. What a team you/we all are.

May this project never end.